Event Testimonials

Hi Barb,

We just wanted to thank you for helping us host a wonderful event.  Everything was absolutely perfect! It was exactly the type of party we wanted to throw. (One guest went to another wedding the following weekend and said we have raised the bar so high that we ruined all other weddings for her.)

You were so helpful before the event.  Everything was laid out just like we had talked about and everything was ready for my girls and I to add finishing touches in the afternoon.  I felt like we were in great hands the whole time.

We loved the food, and the left overs fed the out of town family the next night. We also want to thank your fabulous staff and bartenders.  They were accommodating without question.  Several of my guests had personal stories about something nice or above and beyond that they did during the evening.  Please thank  them for us.

We have attached a couple of pictures.  Our photographer got some great shots of the space so if you are interested we would be happy to share more. We will definitely be recommending you all to anyone that asks!

Serena and Ben Fitz, Wedding Ceremony Reception, July 2016

... Everything was absolutely fabulous!! The atmosphere in the room, food, drink and beer tour were all a hit which made the evening go perfectly! Your staff, Noelle, Kyle and Ashley were so very nice, attentive, and made sure the event went smoothly. Our faculty and program committee said it was one of the best Appreciation Dinners to date.

Thank you for all of your help too. I especially appreciate the menu suggestions. We will definitely come back to Portland, and I hope to be able to work with you again then.

Best, Andrea
Appreciation Dinner SIIM, July 2016

I want to thank you for making the Rehearsal Dinner painless and beautiful.  You were so helpful in your suggestions and the food was terrific!  We had lots of left overs and with family in town we were able to eat for the whole weekend!!! The room set up was perfect.  Simple, yet elegant.  It was a happy atmosphere and your staff were so gracious and warm and friendly (efficient too).  They actually made the event! Now I know why folks go to your place for special events.  We will definitely be back!

Hope you have a great rest of the summer and, again, thanks for everything.

Laurie Scott, Rehearsal Dinner, June 2016

Twelve days in and I think we haven't regretted marriage yet :) Can we use that as an excuse for not promptly responding to your wonderful email?! We couldn't be happier about how the entire day went, especially our time at BridgePort! It was even better than we imagined, and we've received nothing but the highest compliments on BridgePort. Mike and I did try to come up with some 'constructive criticism' regarding our experience. We really couldn't come up with anything regarding BridgePort, you all were so lovely. You, Kyle and your team made it really easy to plan and then enjoy the day!

The area we thought might be helpful for future couples to think about is Cerulean. It worked really well for us. The food was great, the atmosphere was lovely, and we wouldn't change a thing. However, we were pretty 'hands off' and always planned to work with Cerulean as is, i.e., we showed up three days prior to the ceremony, hoping the artwork wasn't too weird. We didn't ask a lot of questions or request to change the artwork or layout. Jeff and Tammy were really helpful, but they did not have the professional touch of planning events that made working with you and other vendors so painless. So it just required a bit more work ... I'm sure you'll find a better way to say it, but hopefully that helps. 

Thank you from the bottom of both our hearts!
The Marons, Wedding Reception, June 2016

Everything was great, as always. All of our applicants enjoyed their dinner and drinks, and one of them actually said how great Natasia was. I’ll let you know if we need to set up additional dinners! Have a great weekend, and enjoy the sun next week.

Younhee , OHSU Networking Event, June 2016 

It was perfect! Chance was awesome! So pleasant, helpful, accurate and we couldn't be happier with his service! The food was delicious and was enjoyed by all!  The room was set up nicely and everything was prepared correct and timely. Only one thing could have been better.... the windows needed cleaning :-). Not important... Just a thought! Thank you for organizing such a fun event. Miranda(daughter that works for Fisher Investments) said they love working with your establishment because it's consistently top shelf. Hopefully, you'll get some business from some in our party!!!

Take care, Mimi. Graduation Dinner, June 2016

Thank you.

The whole team was exceptional and I could sigh a real sigh of relief knowing all of the small details I'd imagined were in their hands.  All of my guests were so complimentary of the venue, the staff and definitely the food.

Thank you again, I will definitely be back.
Emily & Matthew, Wedding Reception May 2016

Hi Barb:)

Andy and I had the best night ever!!!!! You guys all did a fabulous job! Thank you so much:) The place looked amazing, the food was great, and the service was so good!!! Kyle, Kaili, Chance and Danny were so nice and we had incredible service. We literally couldn't have asked for anything more. All of our families were so impressed. Thank you again so much!!!

Heather and Andy, Wedding Reception, May 2016


Your staff and space were absolutely incredible. I’ve done events in cities across the country and BridgePort is hands down the best service I have received. Food was excellent, bar service was great, and we appreciated so much being able to work with you! Thanks for everything. We’ll be back soon!

Warm regards,
Cory Nelson, University of Utah Alumni Event, May 2016

Thank you for the quick note, a Thank You was on the way from me. Everything was excellent. Kaili’s service and help was superior! Please give her another Thank you from me ……Everyone loved the service, food, beer, and meeting. Thank you, it was a real fun time and a great venue to get us out of a dull meeting room at an airport hotel. Everything was wonderful. I have mentioned this to several friends in the industry for their own edification. Thanks so much!

Dewey, OKH Luncheon May 2016


You are awesome, let's start there. Also may I add that the Bridgeport staff is amazing!! Yes that was two exclamation points. Honestly the best event with my family ever. I can't thank you enough for all of your help with making this evening perfect. Please tell your kitchen staff they are being raved about by my entire family. They are going back to the east coast bragging. Food was superb. Again, I can't thank you and Bridgeport enough for your hospitality.

Sean, Dant Rehearsal Dinner, April 2016

I am so pleased to report that everyone absolutely loved the dinner last night.  The food was amazing and the room was absolutely magical.  The setup was simple and elegant – just beautiful.
I can’t say enough wonderful things about our amazing hostess for the evening, Noelle.  She was so thoughtful and accommodating – she really made me feel like I could slow down and enjoy the evening.  I have to say I plan a LOT of these type meetings and dinners and I am usually too worried about the Guests getting their drinks and enjoying their food – so I don’t even have time to enjoy dinner.  Last night was one of the few times I actually felt like my hostess had everything under control.  She was so calm and pleasant.  I felt like everything was taken care of and she was watching the Guests so well, I really felt like I could just sit down and enjoy dinner.  She was simply amazing.  I would recommend her to anyone as well as Bridgeport Brewing.

By the way, the Attendees are still talking about the Mac & Cheese.  One of our Guests also said it was the first time he had eaten beef tips that were not tough and dry! 
Thank you again so much for everything.  I can only hope our other dinners this week are as big a hit as our dinner last night!

Lisa, OPW Global, Apr 2016

“incredible.  all A+. we'll be back soon.  Noelle and Chance - PROs, please thank them. and thanks to you.”

Nathalie, LinkedIn, April 2016

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that the party was fantastic.  Chris was completely surprised, and everything ran smoothly just the way I was hoping it would.  The BP staff was outstanding, Scott the DJ was great, and the food was top notch.  Lots of compliments from friends and family on the food, service, and overall great ambience.  I will highly recommend you guys to anyone in search of a place to host an amazing event in the future.  thanks for all of your assistance through the process.  You have been fantastic to work with as well!

Andrea, 40th Birthday Party, April 2016

Thank you so much, once again,  for helping us to plan and organize a beautiful rehearsal dinner for Nick and Tiffany.   We couldn't have asked for a more amazing setting, delicious food and kind staff to wait on us.  Everyone attending was highly complimentary on everything!! Kyle and your staff could not have been more friendly and helpful. Please thank them again for us.  

Dean & Kathy, Rehearsal Dinner, March 2016

“... the party was fantastic! I was IMPRESSED by the level of service your team provided, and I hope that we are as good to them as they were to us. It was a little tough getting folks to mosey on out once the party had ended (as in a few of us were singing the “Closing Time” song to encourage folks to leave  However, even though we went a little past the time, your team was accommodating, understanding, and just a dream to work with. I was especially impressed with Kaili and Kyle for their professionalism, but also their ability to get the work done while still providing a genuinely happy attitude. In some venues, you can tell when folks really don’t want to be there, and I never felt any of that with your team. My husband even commented that he hasn’t been to an event where the staff will consistently call you by name after being introduced just once. And—the food was amazing!! Absolutely wonderful, and our folks were definitely pleased—I believe there may have been a small scrimmage to see who got to take home the leftover macaroni and cheese.

Thus, a truly remarkable set of folks you have, and we never wanted for anything—both Kyle and Kaili were right on the job, and again, I couldn’t have asked for a better team. From start to finish, this entire process was amazing! Please extend my gratitude to your team, and I will always recommend Bridgeport Brewing for private events.”

Jen Rideout, SWCA Environmental Consulting Holiday Party, Feb 2016

Tyler and I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our wedding at Bridgeport on Saturday! The space was decorated beautifully, the food was great, and drinks were great, we couldn't have asked for better! Everyone raved about the food and the space and how warm and intimate it felt, and we truly got to have the celebration we had dreamed of, without having to sacrifice anything. Please tell Kyle how much we appreciated his coordination! He was just incredibly professional and wonderfully calm. He made us feel so welcome and like he was truly happy to be helping run our event. The same can be said for the waitstaff--everyone said they seemed totally happy to be there and serving us, which was really nice.

There was more than plenty of food, our signature cocktail was great, and everyone said they really felt taken care of (and we stayed in our budget!)
Seriously, we cannot tell you how much we appreciate your work on this event for us, and Kyle's running the show on Saturday.

~Liz (and Tyler, and Anne, and Lloyd, and Michelle, and Jim, and everyone! February 2016

All I can say is that the event EXCEEDED our expectations!!!!  Thanks to you and your staff – everything was wonderful.

Judi, GLUMAC, February 2016

Thank you SO MUCH for the fantastic experience last night! We had an incredible time and EVERYTHING was perfect. The room, the food, the ambience.. and the staff and service was so great! Please tell your team that the Japanese pride themselves on having the best service in the world, but they were all talking after the event saying that the friendly and attentive service they received at Bridgeport was even better than in Japan! A true compliment! We will probably be back every year and we will definitely put Bridgeport on our tour! Thanks so much again!

JBB, Private Dinner, February 2016

The event was outstanding and there was not one complaint to be had! The service was excellent and the room size was just perfect. Unfortunately, Leslie and I didn’t have much of an opportunity to enjoy the food, but heard nothing but great things. We couldn't be happier the way everything turned out. Thanks so much for all your and Kaili's help!

Ron & Leslie, Engagement Party, January 2016

Thanks!  I think a good time by all was had - have got lots of compliments not only on the party but on the space and such great service and food!  Kyle and Chance and Kaili were awesome!!  They made a difference to me with handling anything that I needed and being so personable with the guests!!

Linda, Susan G Komen Foundation, February 2016

Chance provided by far the best service I have ever had at any meeting like this! Please let him know!

Teresa, Office Meeting, January 2016

Thank you so much for all your help, Barb! I think it went very smoothly. Noelle was a great help during the night and it was a pleasure working with her! And I have heard nothing but good things about last night. Once again, thank you for all of your help with planning the menu and making sure things go smoothly.

Elizabeth, WebMD, January 2016

I want to thank you and your crew so much for putting together a fantastic event last night. Every one, both from out of town and local, were very impressed with the beers, food, atmosphere, the whole package!! Kyle did an amazing job on the tour and everyone commented on the passion that he showed and his in depth knowledge of Bridgeport history and the entire brewing process, from ingredients to bottling. I was very proud to show off our wonderful city and was very proud of Bridgeport as whole.

Sean, Reser’s Fine Foods, January 2016

I would like to reserve the Heritage Room again for the Holiday party on ... 2017!  Our staff and their guests had a fantastic time, and Kyle and Noel were wonderful….they even remembered several people’s names, which amazed our folks!

Everyone’s consensus was "Let’s go back to Bridgeport!"

Kerry-Lynne, Mead & Hunt Holiday Party, January 2016

Hey you precious lady!!!! I cannot say enough good things about your staff and our reception!!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!! It was seriously PERFECT!!!!! Thank you so much for everything you did, and ESPECIALLY for coming to see us!!!!! What a treat!!!! ...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU again so stinking much!!!!!!

Amy & Brent, Wedding Reception on New Year's Day 2016

Hi Barb,
Our event was wonderful!  The room was nicer than I expected, food was great, and Chance was wonderful.  I appreciated Chance's attentiveness and humor with our silly group.  He is really great at his job!

Happy Holidays,
Melissa, Holiday Party December 2015


It was awesome!  Everyone loved the food, the venue, the staff, everything was perfect.  We are totally interested in booking again for next year.  Kyle was awesome and super helpful and everyone had nothing but positive things to say.  Seriously everything was perfect and everyone had a great time.  Thank you so much!!!!  ... and whenever you get a chance we will go ahead and book for next year.

Marilyn, Holiday Party, December 2015

We had our wedding ceremony and reception at Bridgeport 11/21/15.  Barb (coordinator) was absolutely a life savor.  She helped plan our special day down to every last detail.  She helped us plan the space, food, décor, timing...after meeting with her a few times she knew exactly what we wanted and had the same picture as we did.  The day of Kyle was our "person".  He was amazing, kept everything flowing, took amazing care of us and our guests and every last detail.  The day was perfect!  The drinks, beer and food were amazing.  We got so many compliments on our event and what a "cool" place Bridgeport is and how much they loved the food.  Thank You for making our day perfect...We highly recommend them for any event.

Kim & Eric, Wedding Ceremony & Reception, November 2015

We all had a fantastic evening at Bridgeport on Saturday - thank you so much for all that you and your team did to make us welcome and at home! The food was delicious and the space was perfect. My Claire was thrilled and had the best time of anyone there; your Claire and Kyle and the other staff people were gracious and helpful. You have a great team. Thank you very much.

Bride’s Father, Peter Rogers
Claire and Robert’s Wedding, August 2013

Everything was great. And a special thanks to Kyle. I really appreciate him introducing himself when I arrived and continued to check on Scott and I periodically throughout the evening to see if we needed anything! He was on top of it. We appreciate all you did for us throughout our event as well as your patience during the planning process.

Stephanie Roller
Scott & Stephanie’s Wedding Reception, July 2013

Everything was great. Starting with the staff, welcoming, helpful, just great. I would recommend you guys a hundred times. Food was excellent too.

Jim Band
Colleagues Retirement Party, July 2013

Thank you So Much! Kelsey was so sweet and she did a FANTASTIC job. We love the venue and the food was very good. I had many people compliment not only the buffet, but the vegetarian meals as well.

Laura Leuthje
WCP Solutions Luncheon, July 2013

Thank you so much for a successful and easy event. Kyle and Noelle were simply spectacular; they were sweet, patient, and enhanced the service. The food was a hit as well. Favorites included the skewers, caprese, tortellini, and summer salad. Thank you again, it was a delight to work together!

Sarah Ash Evens Foltz
Sarah & Matthew’s Rehearsal Dinner, July 2013

The event went very, very well. People raved about the venue, food, drink and speakers -- several told me it was the best CLE they had ever been to. We’re very grateful to you, Claire, Jeff and everyone else who made it possible.

Nathan Christensen
Company Luncheon, July 2013

Thanks for doing such a great job on our event last evening. We got so many positive comments on the space and the awesome food of course. Thanks too for the private entrance and signage. I think that really help showcase OEN to the attendees. Your service was excellent and thanks for being so attentive me and our guests.

Julie Brow
Oregon Entrepreneurs Network Event, June 2013

Everything at Bridgeport was AWESOME! Claire was so easy to work with AND Kelsey was a charm! You are so blessed to have them both on your team! Kim was thrilled and I'm sure Kelsey told you that we did the Harlem shake (which was hysterical!) I hope you didn't lose too much business in the bar after that!

I am still dreaming of those chips and that salad.....thank you for a wonderful event!

DeeDee Dolp
Friend’s Birthday Party, May 2013

I must say, that was without doubt one of our best parties to date. Your staff was amazing. As soon as we walked in, we felt welcomed and comfortable. I worked closely with Noelle and she is fantastic!! She was even helping us put up decorations and getting organized last minute. Several other co-workers commented how nice the bartenders were, offering advice on which beer to try and taking time to explain what drinks were available. The staff who cleaned up and set up all the food were very friendly, smiling, and courteous. As a whole, it is a great team and they represented your establishment well. Paul and I also wanted to comment how nice and professional you were to work with too. You have a very easy going and hospitable personality. The food was exceptional tasting and beautifully displayed, and the atmosphere was warm and cozy. We for sure will use BridgePort again and would without doubt recommend your facility to others.

Keri Armer
Cascade Physician’s Spring Bash, March 2013

Thank you! I had the best experience working with you, Barb and Kelsey. I think that was one of our smoothest events ever. We sent a follow-up survey for the event and our attendees rated BridgePort tops.

On a scale of 1-5 with 1 being “Excellent”
Meeting Facility: 1.1
Food & Beverage: 1.3

Kelsey was great—she definitely took care of everything and with a smile.

Patricia Dugan
Columbia Willamette Compensation Group’s Spring Fling, March 2013

Appreciate the follow up and outstanding on-site customer service. As you are aware, it is tough to balance out being in the industry and attending events without wanting to jump in at any given moment. However, Noelle took the lead and remained focused and completely in the moment to ensure everyone was taken care of. Kyle kept the food stations looking good and the space clean and tables cleared. It was all noticed and greatly appreciated by not only myself but my family and friends too. Thank you all again from A-Z for creating a perfect setting to gather for our “Irish Wake” in my brother’s memory. It is an honor to call Bridgeport a partner in the business world but also know that I have a few trusted friends in this town too.

Christina Richartz National Sales Manager Mark Spencer Hotel
Brother’s Life Celebration, February 2013