Brew Pub Art Gallery

I am all about nature:

I build my paintings by interacting with nature. The messy bramble surrounding my studio seems to supply infinite material. I build paintings the way an improvisational actor might build a story from audience input – taking suggestions from nature, like colors or shapes, and using those as building blocks. When I need more input I return to the scene and take another suggestion, maybe a texture or composition, and incorporate that. I almost never paint without a visual source to provide that call-and-response relationship.

I am all about paint:

I like paint to do what comes naturally to it (drip, clump, bleed, splatter). I don’t like manipulating materials to look like something they are not. I prefer to make a painting that looks like it is made of paint, and if it bears some resemblance to something else (like land or sea) that is secondary to the material.

I am not about the process:

In fact I have made a point to avoid developing specific processes over the years. I prefer a spontaneous approach to building pictures. The region between chaos and control, order and disorder, is where I find the most fresh and interesting things happen.

Phone: 503.869.7510

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