Brew Pub Art Gallery

Mezzanine Bar Featured Artist: Lyn & Stephen Sasser

We are You Are Here, and we live and work in Portland, Oregon with our two cats, amongst the fir and pine trees, bicycles, coffee and rain. Meeting in art school, we discovered our mutual love of the graphic arts and opened an award winning printmaking studio. After a hiatus, raising a family and stuff, we are back at drawing, painting and printmaking full-time again.
Affordable art prints. Each archival pigment print is created individually on mold-made, premium, pH neutral printmaking paper, composed of 100% cotton rag to ensure the highest print and color quality. They are designed to withstand the test of time.

Heritage Room Featured Artist: Richard Graham

Abstract painting, as it moves away from realism confronts the viewer with a decision making process. My paintings use the classic elements of figure, landscape, and subconscious meddling to create indecision, allowing the paintings to become much more interactive. When familiar images are used as a point of departure, it brings certain stresses into play. These stresses, unbalanced composition, lost boundaries, emotional colors, and aggravated imagery, all force the viewer to react and deal with the ambiguities.

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