Mettle & Mash

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The Hibiscus creates a tangy fruit character and dyes the beer a bright red. We fermented this beer using classic saison yeast and finished it with natural ginger to complement the flavorful phenolic character of the yeast. Not available in store; only available on draft.
ABV 7.8% | ORIGINAL GRAVITY 16.3 | IBUs 28

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Crème Brulee

Submitted By: D.P.
Hop Czar’s deep malty background complements burnt sweetness while citrus notes cut through creaminess.

Grilled Teriyaki Skirt Steak

Submitted By: Molly Gilbert
Kingpin’s bitter aroma make it suitable for any meat dish and the dry-hopped character of this ale adds complexity to sweet, smoky sauces.

A Classic Cheeseburger

Submitted By: Basso
What beer doesn’t go well with a Burger? Pick a tangy cheese such as a sharp cheddar that will play off of Kingpin’s bitterness.

Grilled Lamb

Submitted By: M. Taylor
The smoky sweetness of grilled lamb finds complement in the deep malty background and bitterness of Bridgeport’s imperial IPA.

Artisanal Blue Cheese

Submitted By: Jess A.
The czar's floral notes add delicate complexity to pungent cheeses while bitterness balances the creamy mouthfeel.

Grilled Salmon

Submitted By: S. Murray
The crisp finish of Blue Heron pairs beautifully with fresh grilled salmon, especially when prepared with citrusy or Asian-inspired glazes or marinades.

Bananas Foster

Submitted By: S.S.
The round, soft palate feel of Blue Heron make it a delightful companion to the cold, sugary and spicy flavors of this old-school dessert.

Spicy Curry

Submitted By: Ali F.
Full hoppy flavor stand up to the strong, often palate-disabling heat of Indian curries.

Gorgonzola & Cambozola

Submitted By: Adam Smith
The bitterness of IPA brings out spicy flavors in some of the more aggressive cheeses.

Carrot Cake

Submitted By: Andrea
Bold sweet desserts such as carrot cake are matched by the bold hoppy flavors of Bridgeport’s award winning IPA.