Stumptown Tart Cherry SaisonLearn moreCloseLike

Move over winter, she's back and it's cherry season. BridgePort's Stumptown Cherry Saison is lightly hopped and loaded with flavor from Pacific NW sour cherries. With a touch of sweet and a kick of tart, the cherry flavor truly is at the forefront of this warm weather tease.

Hop Harvest Fresh Hopped IPALearn moreCloseLike

From field to brew in under an hour, nothing gets in the way of Hop Harvest. For wicked freshness, we race locally sourced Crystal hops to the brewery from Sodbuster Farms as fast as we can. Only available for a limited time, you'll be chasing after it once it's gone.

Old KnuckleheadLearn moreCloseLike

This barley wine style ale is aged with oak and offers a big taste experience. The deep ruby-colored brew kicks off with heavy malt sweetness, finishing with notes of oak, vanilla, toffee, and rich cherry.

Bear HugLearn moreCloseLike

We brew this full-flavored stout with generous amounts of roasted malt and cocoa for warm chocolate and coffee notes. Then we put the cherry on top. Literally. 15 pounds of dark sweet cherries per barrel offer a subtle fruit background for a surprisingly smooth finish.